Daily £15 Kilo Sale (Open 7 Days A Week)


Come and shop TONNES of sustainable, vintage, retro & branded fashion for just £15 per kilo at:
Unit 2 Hare Row, London, E2 9BY, United Kingdom
✨Just for your info we refresh our stock throughout the day so if you pop back later on you may find something you hadn’t before!✨
✨There’s no minimum spend so you don’t need to buy a full kilo (but we bet you’ll be tempted)✨
✨As we’re the best we drop our kilo price to just £15 per kilo throughout the week✨
Everyone can come without any fee it’s Free for all.
You don’t need to pay anything for entry. Just pay for what you want to buy.
As we are a rummage event you’ve gotta just get stuck in and see what you find so go in open minded but also message us what you wanna see as we can definitely bring more sweatshirts or T-shirts – whatever you fancy!
We’re trying to save the planet by saving all these clothes from landfill so bring your own bag if you can, if not they’re 50p potato starch bags so can even compost them!
One of the key tips for shopping at the £15 per kilo sale is to come prepared. Because the sale is so popular, it can get quite busy, so it’s important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring a tote bag or other reusable shopping bag to carry your purchases.
★ Everything sold as seen – no returns! ★
★ For any enquiries please contact: ★
★ Press/Influencers – please contact: ★
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